dinsdag 21 december 2010

candy magazine issue two.


For the second issue of Candy I was asked to style two stories. One with my dear friend Jean-Paul Paula, adding the amazing photographers duo Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm. The clothes came from Viktor & Rolf and Grace Jones was on the google-roll. The second one was with Edward Vigiletti in New York adding Marcelo Krasilcic behind the camera. Lady Gaga inspired, but a bit more naked/nude. The clothes came from my favorite young designers shipped from Los Angeles, Montreal and you name it where.

I'm pretty sure all the issues are sold out - which isn't that hard as the issue is truly one of the most kicking-ass ones I've seen this year - and guessing many of you have seen the images by now, but figured it would be nice to show you my favorite ones without any lay-out, adding: backstage snaps! Thank you Luis - once more - and on to the next one! x

3 opmerkingen:

Matt-yu zei

oh. my. god.
this shoot is to die for!

joy zei

These two shoots are awesome! I am really into the pants suits from the first photoshoot.

Brandon Acton-Bond zei

Jean Paul Paula for the win! Please he needs to knock ms gaga into a river. JPP is the real deal and gaga is an imposter! PS: Howcome you didn't get the infamous "No" coat of FW2008, aka my dream un-reachable coat.