zondag 27 maart 2011

tumbler is the next chapter.

To whomever this may concern,

For the last four years I've been blogging and blogging, sharing my ideas and stories - etc.

These last couple of months the time and urge to blog became less and less and well, Twitter became the new addiction.

But what is Twitter with so many messages and no real page where I can simply keep a photo-diary/mind-flick?

I mean, I like to just go somewhere and have a small diary-overview-thingy!

That's why I started a Tumblr: SONNYGROO.TUMBLR.COM

For how long it will be fun, I have no idea.

In a way, the blog is where it all started, the very first chapter.

But perhaps it's time to wave goodbye and see where Tumblr will take me.

As for now, I wave bye bye to this blog and my long-lasting nickname ABDUL LAGERFIELD.

It's almost as if the little kid in me is growing up, ha.


And since I'm promoting myself anyways, MYKROMAG.COM for mucho more.

Lots of love from London,

woensdag 26 januari 2011

limit to your love.

I recently fell in love with this song by James Blake.

Video by YOUTUBE.

vrijdag 24 december 2010

merry christmas.

(As well from Louis, Martin and Nick - who aren't in the video!).

visit the mykromag blog.

Besides Mykromag.com we also have Mykromag.com/blog on which we post things we didn't made or shoot ourselves, but absolutely love. From our favorite designers, editorials and must-haves to small texts and videos. To visit her, clickHERE. And of course, stay tuned for new features on our website. x

donderdag 23 december 2010

blend international, issue four.

Photography DUY QUOC VO / Styling SONNY GROO

Special Thanks to YUANYI JEFF LEE

Blend International Magazine #4

The new issue of Blend Magazine is out and has hit the stands world-wide. The issue holds 50+ pages of Maison Martin Margiela archive, a gorgeous profile on the super-talented Iris van Herpen and my shoot above. Adding, it holds mucho more of course, but that's for yourself to find out.

Yesterday we had the most amazing Christmas Dinner with the team - I'm still stuffed - but besides that we also made plans for the next year and all I can say - adding to all that's coming with Mykromag - it's going to be one of those magazine you need to keep an eye on. And I suggest you all start by checking out the current issue, ha.

Mucho love,

woensdag 22 december 2010

no more facebook.

After posting the photos in the previous post (see below) to Facebook I received a message that one of the photos crossed their Terms and will be deleted. Two minutes later my whole account was deleted, or well.. disabled.

It's the second day without Facebook and even-though I missed a meeting yesterday-eve and couldn't meet up with friends from out of town, it kinda made me aware of how much we all rely on this online community. My Facebook Inbox is more important then my Gmail or Mykromag Inbox is and my Photo-Albums are more valuable then I figured they were as they capture memories and moments with certain comments that are un-replacable.

Of course, I had close to 5000 friends, which certainly weren't all real real friends, but Facebook isn't just a friends-thing only, it became an image-controlling-something, a way for me to show who I am, what I do, what I'm going to do, with who I'm doing to do things or did things, etc. Facebook made it more easy to put my name out there or get in touch with many others.

So what to do now? I've send out three email and read 20 pages online on people who are disabled as well. There are even groups of people coming together to fight the disable thing on Facebook; people who are disabled for a silly reason and without a second warn or explanation, disabled.

I would love to get my page back, but if it doesn't happen I'm not sure if I will open a new one. I makes me think: What's the thing after Facebook?

From the age of 12 I've had profiles and I'm pretty sure Facebook isn't going to be the last one. In a way, we all kinda left Myspace for what it is as well, right? So for now, no Facebook. Maybe I'll be back before the New Year, maybe I will never be back. All I can say right now: TWITTER.COM/SONNYGROO

To be continued..

dinsdag 21 december 2010

candy magazine issue two.


For the second issue of Candy I was asked to style two stories. One with my dear friend Jean-Paul Paula, adding the amazing photographers duo Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm. The clothes came from Viktor & Rolf and Grace Jones was on the google-roll. The second one was with Edward Vigiletti in New York adding Marcelo Krasilcic behind the camera. Lady Gaga inspired, but a bit more naked/nude. The clothes came from my favorite young designers shipped from Los Angeles, Montreal and you name it where.

I'm pretty sure all the issues are sold out - which isn't that hard as the issue is truly one of the most kicking-ass ones I've seen this year - and guessing many of you have seen the images by now, but figured it would be nice to show you my favorite ones without any lay-out, adding: backstage snaps! Thank you Luis - once more - and on to the next one! x

vrijdag 17 december 2010

mykromag in print!

It took us a while, but after a couple of issues online, 3 exhibitions and lots of traveling we are proud to release our very first issue in print!

The black version holds the editorials and photo-shoots, including features on inspiring names such as Andrew Mukamal, Charles Guislain, David Koma and many others. The white version shows you 30+ portraits of who we believe are part of the new generation.

Get your copies now by clicking here and thank you all for your support. Let's work towards the next issue and so mucho more. Dreams are turning in to reality, I couldn't be any happier. Merry Christmas everyone! x

zondag 24 oktober 2010

morning antwerp.

I just woke up doing a bad boyfriend-girlfriend joke with Nai-Sam. Either way, it reminded me about the first song, Janet feat Blackstreet. And of course I didn't forget about the one with Busta, as these were two of my favorite songs back in the days.

Such a good way to wake up. Thought it would be nice to share them, hope you all remember and like. :) x

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

marc and his casual friday party.

Last Friday I flew to Stockholm - my very first time ever - to be part of the Marc O'Polo Casual Friday Party. The team asked me and Jessica from Les Mads to attend the event; style a couple of people and have a small speech on stage - in which I mentioned how much I like the city so far and that it's my very first time being in Copenhagen, oeps I mean Stockholm - that I will not continue talking about, if you now understand why, ha.

Either way, knowing Marc O'Polo as a brand for only a tiny bit, I can now say they seriously have some really nice items. And the store - which is a must-visit, so if you are in Stockholm make sure drop by some time on Biblioteksgatan 11 to be precise - holds really good and strong pieces. For example yhey have lovely denim/jeans, but seriously good knitwear, long sweaters and cardigans and wow leather jackets and some nice nice bags to add. It's one of those brands that holds the whole picture, so you can easily get your hands on a few nice items e voila. / See the sweater I'm wearing for example, nice right!

Special thanks to the entire team, from Berlin to Stockholm. I really had a great time, even though it was a speedy-visit and I didn't really see anything from Stockholm - which means I have to come back - it surely made my week and I can't wait for a Marc O'Polo Store to open here in Amsterdam!

Oh, and please visit my lovely friend Jessica from Les Mads to see her post and website. Better run for the Thalys now, new projects are on their way! x